Venture Capital Sponsor: Canaan Partners


Focus on what matters most. People. Canaan Partners is a global venture capital firm that invests in people with visionary ideas- the kind that not only result in new and valuable technology, but game-changing healthcare startups as well.

Canaan Partners were early investors in some of the world’s leading technology companies, including PrimeSense, SuccessFactors and LendingClub and healthcare stars like Cerexa, Chimerix and Advanced BioHealing. All of which makes one thing perfectly clear. When people are your priority, good things happen.


Their Technology Team has a long history of working with entrepreneurs who defy convention, radically changing business models and technology in the process.

In their portfolio, they watched marketplaces evolve from CommerceOne to LendingClub. They saw dating go from Match (the first paid subscription service) to Zoosk, where big data and the social graph were added to the love potion. And they saw Madison Avenue change with the first internet ad network with DoubleClick to the largest video ad network with Tremor Video. Their team loves collaborating with those driven to create the future or dramatically improve how something is done today.


Working with entrepreneurs who are driven to impact medicine puts them in their zone. Whether they’re looking for new ways to treat disease, inventing new medical devices, or seeking to improve outcomes in clinical care, they inspire Canaan to do their very best. This is why they’ve made it their business to know exactly the best way to help them.

Canaan can open doors with corporates, find management talent, and collaborate on how to attract investor syndicates. Plus, they can support start-ups through the regulatory and clinical hurdles.

It’s this kind of expertise that has enabled them to back some of the most successful ventures in healthcare, including Advanced BioHealing, BiPar Sciences, and Elevation Pharmaceuticals.

Investing Information

Canaan Partners is currently focused on seed and early-stage Technology and Healthcare startups that are based in the US, India, and Israel. To determine whether an investment fits within their guidelines, they invite you to submit a presentation, executive summary or business plan via email. They also encourage you to check out their Pitchbook. It will tell you exactly the kind information they look for when evaluating prospective deals.