Venture Capital & B Lead Sponsor Profile: Connecticut Innovations

Remember what you were doing in 1989?
Connecticut Innovations does. It’s the year they were formed by the Connecticut State Legislature to help promising technology companies get off the ground.

Fast-forward 20 years. Today, CI is the leading source of financing and ongoing support for Connecticut’s innovative, growing companies. With the addition of their Small Business Innovation Team in 2009 and their merger with the Connecticut Development Authority—the state’s lender—in 2012, CI now proudly serves great Connecticut companies, no matter what stage of growth they’re in.

Their mission is to be the leading source of financing and ongoing support for Connecticut’s innovative, growing companies. By offering flexible financing, strategic guidance and introductions to valuable partners, they enable promising businesses to thrive.

To maximize each business’s potential, CI tailors solutions that often combine their funds with resources from other financial leaders to provide:

Help with Debt:

Flexible loans for established companies with new innovations or plans for growth

When you need additional funding to run your business, CI can work with you and your bank to get you financed. They offer loans of up to $5 million for owner-occupied real estate, equipment purchases, working capital and more.

Help with Equity:

Venture capital and strategic support for early-stage technology companies

CI has a number of equity funds for when you’re ready to take your technology idea or business to the next level. They are highly selective and have a stringent due diligence process, but if you meet their investment criteria, their team will recommend the fund that best fits your needs.

Help with Grants:

Supporting innovation and collaboration

CI has a number of grants available to help small Connecticut businesses innovate, along with a support team that can help you find and apply for federal funds.

Help with Small Business Connections:

Introductions to their vast network of small and big businesses, talent, researchers and more

When you’re busy innovating, you can’t always find the people you need to connect with. CI can help. They offer introductions to their well-established network of partners and professionals, including suppliers, vendors, university researchers, talent and much, much more.

Help with Special Programs:

On occasion, Connecticut Innovations assists with special programs in partnership with other entities.

At present, they administer the Connecticut Stem Cell Research Grants-in-Aid program and have a hand in some other exciting initiatives.

Visit their website here to learn more.