October 2014 | Tech Transfer Recap

October’s Second Thursday Event, Technology Transfer, met on October 9 at the UConn Health Center. October’s topic, which focused on investor perspectives of industry changes developed at Yale and UConn, drew a crowd of over 50 CVG members and friends to the Patterson Auditorium. Pitches presented by student entrepreneurs from both Yale and UConn helped kick off the program.15311077240_60342319e3_k (1)

Pitch Highlights:

Ancera – Ancera is in the business of rapid cell separation and pathogen diagnostics. The products use label- and labor-free methods to provide low-cost, high-throughput separation and pathogen diagnostics in under 10 minutes. Ancera has achieved 3 million in seed funding, has 11 members working on improving the prodcuts and is currently being supported by Connecticut Innovations and other early investors. 

109Design – 109Design has developed a device and application to improve the treatment of scoliosis. Immediate feedback from the wearers brace to a device helps parents, kids, doctors and other concerned parties monitor the wearers health. This allows doctors and parents to see how long and how tightly a brace is worn thus improving feedback to the wearer.

Dura Biotech – Through the production of a low profile, minimally invasive transcatheter aortic heart valve, Dura Biotech is changing the heart valve market. Currently, Dura Biotech is on track to begin first seed round funding in 2015.

Haptitude SDK – Haptitude SDK software development kit is a platform that introduces the sense of touch into computer programming. This simplifies programming for researches, innovators and developers. The three major elements of Haptitude SDK are SDK proprietary applications, SDK web which includes forums and tutorials, and the community richly involved in the success of Haptitude SDK.

Panelists Presentation: A presentation on the changes and adaptation to tech transfer through the labs of both UConn and Yale University, were discussed by Rita Zangari, Executive Director of TIP, and Christopher Loose, Executive Director of CBIT. Rita noted that UConn is focusing on setting entrepreneurs up with funding and is no longer restricting students to a university funded or supported company. She said that UConn operates out of one fund and the goal of said fund is to support all entrepreneurs regardless of their affiliation with the university. According to Christopher Loose, Yales’s CBIT program encourages clinicians to submit medical device design ideas, 25 were submit this past year. Currently the program is engaging potential mentors with the hope that they will give feedback to students working through YEI.

Thank you again to our event chairs, Nat Brinn and Frank Milone for helping us plan and execute a successful Second Thursday Presentation!

Congratulations to Gloria Kolb, winner of this month’s drawing of our Innovation Summit Ticket Giveaway! We hope you noticed the Innovation Summit Ticket Giveaway bucket at the event, drop your business card in the bucket and you could win two tickets to the Innovation Summit! We draw a winner after every Second Thursday Event! 


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