Lesley Stroll appointed Executive Director of Angel Investor Forum



Lesley Stroll – Executive Director of the Angel Investor Forum

Hartford, CT, March 1, 2016 – The Angel Investor Forum (AIF) announced the appointment of Lesley Stroll as AIF’s Executive Director, effective March 1st.

“Lesley will be a great asset to our angel group. She has experience in business development and marketing and is an active participant in Connecticut’s start up community. As a Vice Chair of the Wharton Alumni Angel Network, she has demonstrated a unique ability to identify and nurture early stage companies with the potential to scale” said Ed Goodwin, President of the Angel Investor Forum. “We will continue to support our region’s entrepreneurs and with Lesley’s leadership we look forward to working with companies of the highest potential.”

Lesley is a Senior Advisor and Founding member of the Refinery, an accelerator for women-led business. Her role as Director of Educational Programming at the Stamford Innovation Center, and a member of their advisory board, gave her hands-on experience to address the needs of “stage one” startups.

Her degree in Entrepreneurial Management, and a successful career in financial services from both the business development and marketing sectors, gives Lesley a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by today’s entrepreneurs.

“As the Executive Director of AIF, I am excited to build on our angel group’s success. AIF’s strength lies in its broad membership across many industry sectors. We not only make investments in startups, but also give portfolio companies introductions and mentorship that can boost their success. Working with AIF to invest in Connecticut and the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is an exciting new challenge. I am really looking forward to it.”

About The Angel Investor Forum

The Angel Investor Forum (AIF) (www.angelinvestorforum.com) is an angel group located in Connecticut (CT) comprised of sophisticated, accredited investors who are former C-level executives, serial entrepreneurs and active venture capital and private equity investors.

The Angel Investor Forum provides accredited investors with the opportunity to pool their resources to source, screen and evaluate early stage companies for potential investment with a particular focus in Connecticut and the Northeast region. Members share their knowledge, expertise and collaborate with each other on due diligence but make their own individual investment decisions (under common valuation and terms). Angel Investor Forum is not a fund.

AIF membership is open to individuals who are considered “accredited investors” by the SEC and are interested in investing their own funds in start-up companies. AIF is actively investing in companies and currently is welcoming new members. For more information, contact Mary Anne Rooke at admin@angelinvestorforum.com.

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Click here for a PDF of the Press Release: Press Release – Lesley Stroll – new AIF Executive Director