Collaborative Sponsor Profile: Quinnipiac School of Business

The world of business is complex, ever-changing and demanding, but rewarding for those who are well-prepared. Your business education is a critical foundation that will enable you to enjoy long-term success through both bull and bear markets. Though it may be difficult now to distinguish among the many business schools and their promises of a high-quality business education, the difference will become evident as you advance in your career.

At Quinnipiac’s School of Business, our point of difference is clear. We provide an education that closely tracks what the markets require, experiential learning opportunities to be able to apply that knowledge, and expansive relationships with the top companies to help you gain experience through internships and then land your first job.

We’re proud of the achievements of our students and alumni. Employers everywhere tell us how ambitious and talented they are. If you’re up for working at the speed of business, Quinnipiac is the perfect place to start.