Boardroom Series

“This was a worthwhile meeting. In addition to the information you offered, there was valuable back and forth between the attendees. Good work.” – Ray Thomas, Colliers International, attendee of Fundraising Strategies for Growth Companies

CVG is teaming with our region’s most seasoned business experts on a business seminar series for entrepreneurs managing business growth or expansion.  Focusing on current topics in in law, financing and accounting, this interactive morning educational series is offered weekly on Wednesdays.   There is no cost to participate.

Each topic will be presented in Hartford (8:00 AM – 9:30 AM), New Haven (8:00 AM – 9:30 AM), and Stamford (8:30 AM – 10:00 AM) and includes a continental breakfast, networking followed by the presentation.

Registration is required 48 hours in advance of the session you are registering to attend.  If you must cancel, please notify us at with at least 24 hours notice.  Click event dates below to register and view location and parking information.

2013-2014 Schedule

Foreign Investments into US Ventures: Incentives and Structures
Presented by Updike, Kelly & Spellacy

This presentation will address the various incentives driving foreign investments into US ventures, with a particular emphasis on immigration-driven incentives, such as the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, the L-1 Manager/ Executive and the E-2 Foreign Investor/ Entrepreneur Visas.   The presenter will explore the various corporate structures available to fit the foreign investor’s immigration goals while also providing needed capital to the U.S. ventures.

Building a Winning Digital Strategy
Presented by Mintz + Hoke   

How can you beat your competition? Well, let’s start with the fact that 69% of businesses do not have a digital strategy.  Understanding your digital purpose and strategy can help you out market your competitors and build and engaged and loyal customer base.

Fundraising Strategies for Growth Companies
Presented by Enhanced Capital

Strategic investors are continuing to provide early and later-stage capital to emerging companies.  From Intel to Google, we are seeing corporate venture and corporate development teams from large companies making investments in early and growth stage companies. We will discuss the following questions: What are they looking for? What is the impact on valuation? What competitive issues should be considered?

Due to increased demand we have added another session on this topic.

Multistate Tax – Issues and Opportunities
Presented by Fiondella Milone & LaSaracina  

As companies expand beyond their home state, multistate tax issues and opportunities arise with respect to income, sales, and payroll taxes.  The discussion will focus on (1) understanding and navigating the multistate tax burden, (2) protecting the business from unexpected state tax liabilities, and (3) utilizing state tax credit and grant programs to help fund business growth.

Exit Strategies for Founders
Presented by Shipman & Goodwin

How does a founder maximize his/her return from a company sale and protect as much of his/her equity position as possible in subsequent investment rounds?  This presentation will focus on practical advice and strategies for founders in planning for both exits and subsequent investment rounds.  We will cover, among other things, strategies for “keeping yourself indispensable” and thus maximizing your leverage in a subsequent round, deciding whether to sell or raise additional capital, retaining equity and involvement even if you are no longer running the company, and putting the company in its best light for a sale or subsequent round.

Governance Dynamics Among Entrepreneurs, Boards of Directors and Investors:  Affirmative and Negative Controls, Independent Committees and Other Tricks of the Trade 
Presented by Robinson & Cole

It’s not about 51% – it’s about whose consent is required to do what; it’s about the complex obligations of a founder who is also an officer and also a director, and a minority investor who also controls a class and is a director.  Duties, conflicts and risks abound.  This presentation will focus on the rights and obligations of these different constituencies under various scenarios.

Attracting and Working with Chinese Investors
Presented by Wiggin and Dana

Foreign direct investment from China to the U.S. is expected to exceed US$8 billion in 2013, as American companies remain the preferred choice among Chinese investors. Learn how to best position your company to access this increasing influx of capital and how to build and maintain mutually-beneficial relationships with your new Chinese stakeholders.

Health Care Transactions in CT: Recent Market and Process Developments
Presented by Murtha Cullina, Attorneys at Law

This presentation will focus on the Office of Health Care Access’ Certificate of Need (CON) requirements and current trends in the CON application process.  It will also include discussion of the overall health care transactional landscape in Connecticut, including increasing activity in Connecticut by outside organizations and investors.


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