Who We Are

Crossroads Venture Group (CVG) is a professional organization that serves the investment community by bringing investors together with some of the most exciting startups and growth-stage companies in our state. We host monthly networking and pitch events, and we provide resources for entrepreneurs and innovators. Our mission is to assist in the development of high-growth enterprises through the promotion of capital formation in Connecticut.

How We Began

CVG was founded in 1974 by some of this country’s pioneer venture capitalists for the purpose of creating a forum for business-venturing opportunities. We soon became a significant catalyst for funding Connecticut-based entrepreneurial companies and for promoting venture activity.

How We’re Funded

CVG is funded through sponsorships and both individual and corporate memberships.

How We’re Managed

CVG is managed by a Board of Directors that sets policy, develops statewide events, and oversees three chapters in Stamford, Hartford, and New Haven. Each chapter has a board that is responsible for local networking and informational events.

Why join CVG?

With a broad and diverse membership and monthly networking events across Connecticut, CVG is a model for organizations around the world. All our events offer members the opportunity to meet the state’s top influencers and to share ideas and experiences with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and professional service providers.

Contact Us

Interested in joining CVG or learning more about us? Email info@cvg.org or call (860) 282-4978.